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    Business Plan Writing – Steps to Begin

    The business plan is necessary when you are trying to raise money for a new business or to start up a new business. In order to write a good business plan, you need to be able to follow these simple steps while you write it. Step 1: Begin your presentation by making a long list of your personal and financial contacts, especially if they are friends, relatives or business associates who specialize in funding new ventures. Step 2: Next, you will need to create an billboard of your business, which should be created in one or two pages with a brief overview of the type of business that will be…

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    Unemployment And Success Story

    The economy is in crisis. The United States is in a deep recession. Consumer spending is slows, and even companies that once enjoyed the trust of consumers are turning around and closing their doors. It is becoming the norm to send out applications online, and receive the same tedious questions from so many job seekers. Job seekers are going through what just don’t want to receive any more correspondence, then phone calls that are basically the same. Yes, there are jobs out there to be made, people just have to be willing and able to get up out of that easy chair and go out and get the job. Everyone…